Reconstructive and Beauty Surgery Procedures

If you are interested in bettering your physical looks through a cosmetic surgical procedure you might start researching about the topic. When inspecting surgical procedures on-line, you will find material on cosmetic surgical procedures and reconstructive surgical procedures. So what is the difference between these two procedures?


Although they’re both related, there are key differences between beauty surgical procedures and reconstructive surgeries. Figuring out which sort of surgery you want and need is vital, as it might have an effect on how much you have to pay for the operation from your own money.


Reconstructive Surgery


Reconstructive surgical procedures are conducted to repair or adjust physical problems with the body. Many parents are interested in them for their youngsters who are born with birth defects, for example to correct outsized ears. Physical harm caused by ailments and other sicknesses can also be corrected with reconstructive surgical procedures. For instance, women suffering from breast cancers may need to have a mastectomy. To adjust the unevenness in the breasts, many women have breast surgery so that their breasts look as similar as possible as before the mastectomy.


Correcting birth defects and other abnormalities are important fields for reconstructive surgery. It is also used to deal with injuries from accidents. Burn victims need reconstructive surgeries to repair their scar tissue. Victims of car crashes and other severe accidents might need to repair a crushed bone or reattach a limb.


Beauty Surgery


In contrast to reconstructive surgery, beauty surgery is not about adjusting abnormities. The principle aim of cosmetic surgical procedures is to improve physical looks. The popularity of cosmetic procedures has increased tremendously in recent years due to the positive and must have image that is transferred from celebrities in Los Angeles. People can and likely would lead a normal life even without the beauty surgery.


Similar to reconstructive surgical procedures there are a variety of plastic surgery treatments in Los Angeles, for example rhinoplasty (nostril job), rhytidectomy (facelift), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), mammoplasty (breast reductions, enlargements, and raises), and liposuction. The decision to have a cosmetic surgery is a voluntary and optional decision. Many people go for a cosmetic surgery to just improve their physical looks. These individuals are often embarrassed about an imperfection that they have, for example excessive body hair or too many wrinkles in the face.


nose job before and after
nose job before and after


The cost of beauty surgical procedure is usually not covered by a normal medical health insurance plan. That doesn’t imply you shouldn’t make an inquiry with your insurance provider nevertheless.  The costs for reconstructive surgery are very often covered by health insurance. There often is no alternative for reconstructive surgery and it is vital to fix a significant health problem or injury. Cosmetic surgery, however, is a voluntary procedure that people should pay for themselves if they decide to have it.


Now that we discussed the difference between beauty surgical procedures and reconstructive surgical procedures, you need to determine which surgical procedure it is that you need.  This impacts not only the costs, but also the treatment options.


In case your insurance company pays for the cost of a reconstructive surgical procedure, you may be required to have the operation carried out at your local hospital as compared to by a cosmetic surgeon from LA. If you have to pay for the full cost of your surgical procedure, whether beauty or reconstructive, be sure to carefully assess all factors. Choose those plastic surgeons with affordable prices, with outstanding qualifications and a significant amount of expertise and experience in their field.