Preparation for Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is risk-free in nature and is also quite effective; however, prior to any treatment it is imperative to thoroughly assess the patient’s health history. In order to facilitate this, the chiropractic patient is expected to fill in a medical form and list all the necessary details which will assist a doctor to have a background of the patient’s health.

Why is assessment of health history essential for chiropractic treatment? Firstly, it gives the doctor a background of any persisting dangerous diseases or any risks that could trigger the present or future health scenario of the patient. Also, it assists the doctor to assess the patient’s medical condition in totality and helps to pick the most effective treatment.

Consultation with Doctor

On completion of this evaluation of the medical history, the doctor will brief the patient about the best and most effective chiropractic techniques which can be used. The doctor through the medical history will be well-versed with the cause of the problem and the subsequent treatment. At this stage the doctor could possibly suggest particular techniques of spinal adjustments or other treatments that are most effective to treat the patient’s problems.

spinal adjustment
Spinal Adjustment

Initial Examination

A visit to a chiropractor in San Diego commences with this stage which helps to draw an evaluation of the patient’s physical problems. This will give quite a detailed and more explicit evaluation of the health of the patient that will help to back up what was provided after the primary health history assessment.


This physical examination stage for chiropractic care helps to comprehend the amplitude of the patient’s illness. More often than not it commences by checking on the patient’s spinal range of motion. Even if the patient doesn’t report any spinal issues, this stage is imperative because your spine is the core to all the range of motion. Various other tests are also carried out, like orthopedic tests, neurological tests & reflexes. This stage essentially aims at explicitly scrutinizing two facets of the human body, which are the posture & reflexes.


A patient of chiropractic care essentially has to go through X-ray tests of the spine. The primary reason to run these X-ray tests is to examine and determine if the spinal cord in its natural state has the ability to withstand the weight of the entire body. X-rays can help to interpret and examine any misalignment of the back, spine, or joints. In addition to such kinds of tests, there are various other tests which scrutinize the soft tissue palpation on the spine, range of motion, etc.

Evaluation of Tests

The chiropractor will have all the records of the assessment of your medical history and the various results derived through the tests and examinations. The doctor will call you for a complete detailed interpretation of the test results. After this it can be derived and decided if it is advisable to include chiropractic care in your treatment. As a patient, keep in mind that you should put forth all your queries, ask as many questions as you want about your health and make sure that whatever you decide should not have any major after-effects or risks.

Chiropractic Correction & Treatment

After all the tests and related examinations, if your doctor recommends chiropractic treatment, your doctor will move forward to the modification or improvement of any subluxations on your spine or joint.


The reason for such a modification or adjustment is to maintain and restore the natural posture of your vertebrae, because any displacement or misalignment can be a leading cause of pain or irritation, more so when you are constantly trying to move or use the affected organs. If the misalignment of the vertebrae persists, your vertebra’s ligaments, soft tissues & muscles are affected and hence need to be fixed.

The duration of chiropractic care diverges as per the magnitude of the physical state of the patient. A few patients will see quick results after their first spinal adjustment; however, some patients could require added time and efforts for their treatment to be effective and to gain the full advantages of chiropractic care in San Diego. There are several patients that may need to go through a long-term chiropractic care plan.

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