Relax with Hot Stone Massage

There’s a very interesting technique of massage that originated from the mainland United States, India, and China. Hot stone massage is what it’s called, because of the fact that it works with a number of various stones to make a person feel comfortable. Basalt is a volcanic rock that the stones are normally created from. By getting placed into water that is usually over a temperature of one hundred and twenty degrees, they become smooth and heated. The stones are normally round or oval and may be the size of a pebble or a few pounds big. The larger ones will line up against the back or stomach and the smallest ones will rest between the toes.



Hot stone massages are provided at most massage institutes around the country. If you live in big cities like Miami, Orlando, Houston, Indianapolis, Chicago, etc. it will not be a problem to find a qualified massage therapist. The Indianapolis massage therapist performing the hot stone massage will slowly move these hot rocks up and down the body of the customer. To help release any tension in the muscles the various weights will place pressure at the proper points. At times while the hot stone massage is conducted by lining areas with the stones, the patient will lie still. This would involve the feet, down the spine, or the hands.


Thousands of years ago hot stone massage was first mentioned as proven by numerous research. Then the stones were heated in whatever was available like thermal pools by the practitioners of the time. Since then it hasn’t changed at all. The point still exists and that is to help the client relax by using massage and heat. The heat is known to help minimize the number of panic attacks some people encounter and prevent anxiety from developing.

hot stone massage


Apart from the warm stones doing all of the work, the hot stone massage is a lot like a Swedish massage. When the stones start getting cold the therapist will swap them out with other hot stones. It’s the stones’ heat that is helping the client’s muscles relax. However, if you’re the client and you think it’s too hot you can let the therapist know and he is going to modify it for you. That’s the main reason why you need to make certain that the massage therapist you decide to work with has the experience required for this kind of treatment. Winding up with a massage therapist that has just started practicing this kind of treatment is not what you want.


Like a lot of other things out there, there is a caution with the kind of treatment. An individual’s blood pressure will go up because of the hot stone massage. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to make use of it on any person who has high blood pressure or any pregnant woman.


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